Infected or Abscessed teeth

An abscessed tooth is a pus pocket around the root of the tooth. It will not clear up by itself so you need to see your dentist to remove the infection before it grows into a major toothache. A tooth can be abscessed for weeks or years and not show any symptoms. This is another reason to keep your regular dental visits.

Abscessed teeth can have several causes:

Symptoms include:

    • pain and swelling
    • temperature or chewing sensitivity
    • redness in the gums
    • a bad taste
    • jaw pain
  • fever and swollen lymph nodes

If the tooth can be saved your dentist will advise you to have a root canal and possibly a crown. If it can’t be saved your only choice is to have it extracted, then replaced with an implant, bridge, or a removable partial denture. Call us for an appointment to find out what is best for you.

Abscessed tooth

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