Fearful Patients

About 50% of the population doesn’t go to the dentist. The most common reasons are a fear of discomfort or pain during treatment, and the time required for longer treatments. We sincerely understand this concern of our patients and do all we can to make your time with us as comfortable as possible and finish your treatment in as few visits as necessary.

Sedation dentistry is one of our key tools that allows us to see people with those concerns in a relaxed atmosphere and with fewer appointments. When sedated, we can typically do a lot more work with a lot less stress for the patient.

Sedation dentistry is easy, you take a pill before you get to the office (no IV’s), have a friend drive you to and from the office, and relax. The work is done before you know it. We treat patients from 18 to 80 years with sedation.

Your vital signs are monitored while you are at the office to ensure your safety. Although you will not be unconscious many patients describe it as similar to being asleep. At this visit we can usually perform all the procedures needed in a comfortable setting.

It is normal that you have no memory of the visit at all.

Who is a good candidate:

  • People with a high anxiety or have had a traumatic experience in the past
  • People who have sensitive teeth or are afraid of needles
  • Those who have a strong gag reflex
  • People with TMJ problems or who have a hard time opening or staying open
  • When you don’t have enough time for multiple visits

Please call our office and let the staff know you are interested in sedation and we will take good care of you.


We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve!