Whitening at home

For the next 2 weeks, you’ll wear the custom-made trays from your impressions. To use the trays:

  1. Brush your teeth before whitening
  2. Place a small bead of the Bleaching gel in the trays (we’ll demonstrate in the office, but about the size of a pencil tip)
  3. Wear them for a minimum of 30 minutes/day (more if desired)
  4. Rinse your mouth and trays with water, occasionally brushing to make sure they’re clean
  5. Store the remaining bleaching gel in the fridge!

During the weeks and for the week after you are whitening, refrain from ingesting any colored foods or drinks like coffee, red wine, sodas, red-sauced spaghetti or pizza, etc.. Even using a straw is not advisable.

In a small percentage of cases, your teeth may become sensitive. If this happens, try using the trays every other day or call our office for alternatives.

Rinse the trays with water and occasionally brush them with toothpaste. Store your trays at room temperature or cooler as hot temperatures may cause the trays to warp.

You may continue to use the trays in the future after your initial whitening treatment and it is up to you how often you would like to. Some patients use it once or twice a week, others use it for 1 week every six months. There is no long-term harm caused by this.


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