Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is not something you hear about on a routine basis. Oral cancer has been related to smoking, chewing tobacco, irritation of oral soft tissue, various foods, alcohol and many other potential causes. However, contrary to popular knowledge, oral cancer has a higher death rate than the more well-known cancer, melanoma. There are over 40,000 new cases of oral cancer each year in the U.S. When oral cancer is treated, often the result is disfiguring to the face. Oral cancer is often fatal. We have several methods to determine if you may have this disease.

Among them are:

  • Visual examination and palpation (feeling) in the areas of potential cancer involvement.
  • Use of various lights that detect potential cancer cells.
  • Scraping away a small amount of soft tissue with a brush, to be analyzed later.
  • A biopsy, in which a small amount of soft tissue is removed and sent to a laboratory for examination.

After we have analyzed your oral condition and looked for any signs or symptoms of cancer, you will be informed about what was found in your mouth. Early detection of oral cancer can lead to successful treatment and long-term cure.

Various cancer specialists treat oral cancer as with cancer in other parts of the body. We will refer you to these specialists if cancer is detected or suspected.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve!