Reducing or Eliminating Snoring

Did you know that we may be able help you (or a loved one) get a better night’s sleep? Many people wear a CPAP with success to reduce snoring, but a high percentage of patients cannot tolerate wearing a CPAP, which many find uncomfortable to wear while sleeping. You may be unaware that dentists educated in sleep medicine concepts are the primary health practitioners helping patients to reduce or eliminate snoring.

Snoring causes sleep deprivation, psychological damage, marital challenges, and an increased potential for heart attack and stroke. About 50% of patients snore.

Snoring Treatment, as accomplished by a dentist, includes the following:

The patient is tested either by the dentist or in a sleep clinic to determine if your problem is           just snoring, sleep apnea, or both. Those persons with only snoring or slight sleep apnea and snoring may be treated by the dentist. Higher levels of sleep apnea will be referred to a Board Certified Sleep Physician for treatment

  • An impression is made of the patient’s mouth
  • Usually, an oral snore appliance is made that moves the patient’s jaw forward, opening their airway. The result is that the airway is enlarged, greatly reducing or eliminating snoring.
  • The dental staff inserts the snore appliance into the patient’s mouth and shows them how to use it.
  • The patient wears the device each night, receiving adjustments by the dental team as needed.

Talk to us today about snore appliances! We have received many reports from patients regarding how snoring has been reduced or eliminated, and many patient spouses who are thrilled with the results.

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