Tobacco and Oral Health

Smoking and chewing tobacco are well known to be negative to your overall health. However, eliminating either habit can be extremely difficult. Most smokers or those who chew tobacco do not think serious disease, such as cancer will be the result of their habits. However, of more obvious consequence are the negative oral changes that occur from either habit. Among them are:

  • Bad breath, making your presence objectionable to associates, family, and spouses
  • Stained teeth, making an aged appearance
  • Poor, diminished ability to taste
  • Discolored, foul-appearing tongue
  • Proven degeneration of gums and bone
  • Potential oral cancer
  • Diminished ability to smell
  • Development of facial lines and degenerate appearing skin
  • Overall reduced attractiveness to those you encounter daily

Deciding to quit is a major decision and one that requires considerable resolve. There are many tobacco-use cessation programs available. Decide on a time you want to quit. Get help from organized tobacco-use cessation groups, your dentist, physician and others. Pharmaceutical aids to quit smoking may be obtained by contacting your dentist or physician.

The advantages to tobacco-free living have been well researched and proven. Most tobacco users want to quit. Isn’t it about time for you to quit?

We will be pleased to help you set up a program of tobacco-use cessation.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve!