A veneer is a shell or thin layer of porcelain placed on the front of your teeth. Veneers are usually used when the front of your tooth needs a “face lift” or to close extra space between teeth. Although veneers are usually considered cosmetic dentistry because they create bright, white smiles with beautifully aligned, shapely teeth, they also protect the surface of your teeth and may eliminate the need for more extensive treatments. We use porcelain for the majority of our veneers because it provides a beautiful white color and is slightly translucent, giving your tooth a realistic appearance. They are a great and cost-effective option for many smile makeovers [link to smile makeovers].
porcelain veneer
Veneers are a quick treatment and require just a couple of visits over the course of a few weeks. During your first visit, we prep the front of your tooth and take an impression for the lab to build your veneer with. During a second visit, we use a tooth-colored bonding material to attach the veneer to your teeth and then the dentist will custom sculpts your veneer to fit your smile and bite.

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Difference between a crown and a veneer

While most veneers are designed as an aesthetic veil over the front of your tooth, a crown is usually created to cover your entire tooth to protect it and improve your bite. Compared to crowns, veneers require little to no removal of tooth structure in most cases and are made of a slightly less durable but more aesthetically pleasing material. Veneers also are typically placed to cover the visible parts of your teeth and are not used to protect areas that are not visible.

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